Cincinnati Personal Training and Weight Loss

No memberships or hidden fees.

Private facility with no crowds.

No intimidation or self-consciousness.

We are simply personal fitness training in a professional environment.


Healthier Lifestyle & Higher Quality of Life

We have been a personal training center in Cincinnati, OH for over 16 years. It is our education and experience that backs our customized fitness programs, in order to give you optimum muscle sculpting and to achieve weight loss goals.  Our focus is a healthier lifestyle and a higher quality of life.  When these two are in place, everything else follows.  We are the only center of personal training Cincinnati has that makes the complete journey fun, convenient and of course, sensible!  At Sensible Fitness, Cincinnati’s largest private weight loss and personal training facility, you will have a higher quality of life and feel younger.

Personal Fitness & Weight Loss Program that is Medically Approved

Here at Sensible Fitness we implement medically approved protocols to give you robust cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and nutritional guidance, so that you can get the weight loss and muscle tone that you require to be in the best shape possible. Our sensible and medically proven approach enables us to give you the weight control that lasts. We are here to change your lifestyle for the better, as your current lifestyle has brought you to where you are today. All of our programs and personal training is closely monitored by the most educated personal trainers Cincinnati has. Our professional Leadership Team also includes a medical doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, dieticians, physical therapists and eating behaviorists. All of the testimonials and success stories from Sensible Fitness clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our personal training and weight loss programs. Now you can get the best fitness programs right in your own city of Cincinnati the “sensible” way.

A Customized Experience that is Non-Intimidating

We at Sensible Fitness provide you the most private and exclusive atmosphere that any Cincinnati weight loss program can offer. Since there are always a limited number of people at the facility at one time, there is immense exclusivity and dedication towards you by our personal trainers. You will not feel intimidated or self-conscious, as we know that this environment can promote to better focus on your fitness or weight loss goals. We are quite the opposite of the macho big box Cincinnati gyms, where the crowd is critical, ill mannered and overflowing. Nobody will point fingers at you in our Cincinnati weight loss center. There will be no waiting time to use equipment, in comparison to other Cincinnati gyms.

Highly Qualified, Educated, & Medically Supervised

A Cincinnati personal trainer from Sensible Fitness is more than simply “certified”. We offer fitness programs that are thoroughly customized specifically for you by professionals of physical therapy and are monitored by professional personal trainers who are highly qualified and leaders of the field. This makes it possible to give you the best program for your personal weight loss and fitness goals. All of your program changes will be made in accordance to your specified needs, so that you may improve in optimum manner.

You are the Center of Attention

We assure you that our main focus will be entirely on you and you alone! We will guide you all along the way and carefully vary your workouts to keep it fresh. Here at Sensible Fitness we never leave you on your own and abandon you guessing how to use the fitness equipment. We do not answer phone calls during your dedicated time, or allow any outside observers in the facility while you work out, so that you get a completely personalized and non-intimidating experience. The Cincinnati personal training and weight loss program that we offer will cover a wide array of equipment so that you get the best and the most comprehensive training possible. We are simply the leader of personal training in Cincinnati.

Age Should Never be a Bottleneck

The majority of our clientele in this exclusive Cincinnati personal training center is of age 35 or above, and wanting to get back into shape. But that’s not all! We have had the privilege to be working with scores of young athletes that include 5 Olympians. Two of these Olympians won the Olympic Gold Medals. We welcome people of all age groups in our state of the art facility in Blue Ash, Ohio. Many of the grateful clients between the age groups of 16 and 84 have shared their success stories with us, explaining how Sensible Fitness has helped them in achieving weight loss, become healthier and increase their athletic performance. The personal trainers in Cincinnati that we offer are leaders of the field. We are more comprehensive than the average Cincinnati athletic club, and we are here to transform lives.

Say Goodbye to “Pressure”

We are not like other Cincinnati gyms, that offer memberships. This means that you only pay for the time spent with the highly skilled Cincinnati personal trainer. Sensible Fitness is not a sales oriented facility.  There are people who simply visit our facility to learn a customized fitness or weight loss program that they can perform at home! This means you do not have to be committed to us for months or years and pay the hefty membership fees.  You may spend as much or as little time as you want or can afford.  We do not pressure you into buying vitamins or diet supplements along with personal training, as these are usually schemes to increase profits, and we believe our profits are maximized when you get the best results, with honest and sensible guidance.

Beautiful Facility in Blue Ash, Ohio

Sensible Fitness is convenient to the Greater Cincinnati area. We are located just south of I-275, near the corner of Reed Hartman Highway and the Cornell Road in Blue Ash, Ohio. Drop by and see the difference for yourself today!

 Many of our clients live or work in:

  • Blue Ash, Ohio
  • West Chester, Ohio
  • Montgomery, Ohio
  • Symmes Township, Ohio
  • Sycamore Township, Ohio
  • Deerfield Township, Ohio
  • Loveland, Ohio
  • Wyoming, Ohio
  • Glendale, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Kenwood, Ohio
  • Hyde Park, Ohio
  • Indian Hill, Ohio
  • Milford, Ohio
  • Eastgate area
  • Springdale, Ohio