Sensible Fitness has been established in Blue Ash, OH, for over 18 years.  Our expertise is in promoting healthy lifestyles, which is the area that gives employers the biggest return on investment (ROI) with wellness programs.

Our education and experience separates our wellness programs.  Owned by a physical therapy professional, and surrounded by a Leadership Team of physicians, psychologists, dieticians, and eating behaviorists, programs from Sensible Fitness are focused and medically approved.

An employee that changes their lifestyle improves their overall health and this is what translates into a more productive employee, saving your company money.  Our approach is comprehensive and focused on what improves a person’s lifestyle.  We are strictly business, and do not have “fluff” in our programs that adds uneccessary costs.

Our weight loss programs are medically approved and can often be paid for, tax free, through an employee’s Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, or Cafeteria Plan.

We are hands on, and person to person.  Your employees direct contact with a professional is what increases accountability and compliance through the transition to a healthier lifestyle.  When your company works with Sensible Fitness, there will always be direct contact.  Give an employee a gym membership, and they may (but usually not) use it, but when they have an appointment with someone expecting them, they show up.  Accountability increases employee compliance, employee compliance changes lifestyles, and a healthier workforce saves your company money.  It is that simple.

We are practical. 
Our name is Sensible Fitness for a reason.  Every step of our guidance is practical, sensible, and medically approved.  An employee injured from an unprofessional program costs you money.  We establish a series of realistic expectations with our programs, which lead to a string of successes that ends in a healthier lifestyle.  This fuels motivation for future change and all along the journey, a more profitable employee.

Workplace Wellness Services


We welcome you to pick and choose from our sercvices, or allow us to offer you professional guidance from our mulititude of services.

Professionally guided exercise programs:
~ Employees can come to our facility.
~ Our trainers can go to your facility, even if you do not have a fitness center.
~ We offer both private and small group training.

Fitness Assessments

Body Composition Testing

Nutrition Counseling

Eating Behavior Counseling

Grocery Shopping Counseling

Workshops and Lunch-N-Learns:
~ Reading Food Labels
~ Fast And Easy Home Workouts
~ Fitness After 50
~ Stretching Head To Toe
~ Grocery Shopping For Optimal Health
~ Establishing The Right Fitness Goals
~ Heatlhy Recipes
~ We can pretty much educate on any health and fitness topic!

Healthy Initiatives:
~ 10,000 Step Program
~ Weight Loss Contests
~ Walking Clubs
~ Just to name a few…

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