Cincinnati personal training, private.

Private Personal Training

This is our one-on-one training session, simply you and a trainer.  Cincinnati personal training clients sometimes start here to get acclimated with the facility, and then switch to the much more economical Semi-Private sessions.  Others prefer the continual guidance from trainer and stay with this form of training.  Starting at under $71 per session.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

This is by far our most popular form of training, and you can easily start with this on your first session.  You get all the benefits of a totally custom program, with tremendous savings.  With Semi-Private, your trainer is supervising you and 1 or 2 others.  You are not side-by-side with others in an assembly line, you are separate and performing your individualized program.  Starting at $51 per session.

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Custom Diets

We offer a variety of nutritional services with our Cincinnati Registered Dietitian.  This is a crucial component to lifestyle change and often the toughest one to tackle.  Our dietitian will take into account any medical conditions you may have, along with your personal food likes/dislikes.  Only a realistic and scrumptious program will be one you can stick to, and that is what our dietitian will do for you.  Click to learn more…

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Workshops for your group

Sensible Fitness offers many different workshops on the topic of health and nutrition.  Our workshops can be given at the location of your choosing, with the Sensible Fitness facility being an option.  Click to learn more…


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Eating Behavior Consultation

Our Eating Behaviorist will help you with the battle of “why” you eat.  Is it truly hunger, or something else?  Sensible Fitness is the only personal training center in Cincinnati to offer this service, because we realize changing your lifestyle is more that being put on a diet and a workout program.  Click to learn more…


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Health Coaching Services

Sensible Fitness offer services that insure accountability and success in every aspect of lifestyle change.  This is an exclusive service that will not be found anywhere else in Cincinnati.  You can enter into our Health Coach Program, or simply pick and choose from our services ala carte.
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Workplace Wellness Programs

Sensible Fitness combines all of our expertise into a package focused and improving Cincinnati employee wellness and reducing costs associated with an unhealthy workforce.  It is a win-win for the employer, who gets a great return on investment, and also the workforce who is healthier, happier, and more energetic.  Click to learn more…