Watch this to learn about your program with a Cincinnati personal trainer:


This is just you and a personal trainer.

A highly qualified and insured Cincinnati personal trainer will be with you every step of the way.  Everything is customized to your goals, your ability, and your physical/medical limitations if present.  Being in Cincinnati since 1997, and having a medically based background, we can handle any orthopedic issue or other medical problem you may have.  Remember, Sensible Fitness is health care (taking care of your health)…going to the doctor is sick care!

Our private personal training sessions are just you and your personal fitness trainer.  All of the trainer’s attention is focused on you, and this is the preferred choice for many.  With this form of private training, your personal trainer can greatly customize your program and utilize many trainer-assisted techniques that simply cannot be done when training with others.

Some prefer to start with Private Personal Training, and then switch to the more economical Semi-Private Training that also is lead by a qualified and insured Cincinnati personal trainer.  If considering a few visits to learn a program you can do on your own, this would be the best choice.  After that, periodic visits to update your program is all you will need.


$71 per session
  • We offer discounted packages of sessions, or you can pay-as-you-go with no commitment