healthy lifestyle presentation

Sensible Fitness Workshops are perfect for your organization or group.  All workshops are focused on solid educational subject matter, and not trendy health and fitness topics.

We can customize a presentation specifically for you, or choose from the many topics below.

Reading Food Labels. This powerful presentation is an eye-opener. See how food manufacturers trick the public into believing a food is healthy. We breakdown the food label and show you what to be aware of, using labels from many common food items. $199

Grocery Shopping Practical. We bring in common foods and educate participants on what to look for when making the healthiest choice. Many people think they are doing the “healthy thing”, but are misinformed and are making the wrong choices. This is a great seminar to consider partnering with Reading Food Labels. $199

On Site Grocery Store Shopping Tour. For this workshop, we meet at a local grocery store and actually walk the aisles as we educate participants on making healthy choices, what to be aware of, and how to avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts. $199

Time Management for a Healthy Lifestyle. Learn practical and easily implemented tricks of the trade to make living a healthy lifestyle more attainable. We include recipes that save time in this one too! This seminar will save days of wasted time in the first year alone. $199

Fat, Muscle, and Metabolism. Learn the different components of what we are made of and how they impact metabolism and daily caloric expenditure. Metabolism is the key to long-term weight control, and we educate participant on how to elevate this. $199

Beyond Carbs: Smart Decisions for Diabetics. This presentation covers pre-diabetes vs. diabetes, risk factors, and diet recommendations. This is given by a Cincinnati dietitian.  $375

Diet & Arthritis: A Joint Venture. This workshop spotlights the connection between diet and various forms of arthritis, including gout. Also informs on the use of supplements to aid in arthritis. Lead by a Cincinnati dietitian. $375

Don’t eat your heart out! This is a comprehensive presentation covering the risk factors for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, etc., and how diet, exercise, and supplements impact these diseases. $375

Eat 2 Live! The diet and disease connection in regard to obesity is covered in this seminar. This program will also educate on healthy food choices and actual meal planning for optimal health. $375

Eat Green: The Virtues of Veggies. A powerful workshop on the most overlooked food item in the American diet, vegetables. This covers types, benefits, serving sizes, raw or cooked, and how to sneak them in. $375

Meal planning made easy. Discusses trends in family meals & dining out
Provide tips for simple, healthy meals. $375

Healthy Cooking Demonstration. Learn how to make two healthy and very tasty dishes with sample tastings for up to 20 people. A Cincinnati dietitian does the cooking!  $499