My sister and her family were fortunate enough to recently get a private tour of the White House. They simply wrote to their state representative and requested one. She found it just as interesting to go through all the security before entering, as the actual tour itself. While each family member had to go through…

My sister was at a park walking her dog in Des Moines, Iowa, and the park required you to pick up after your pet did its “business”.  Rather than carrying around a plastic bag of poop for the world to see, my sister was more stylish and used an old purse.  At the end of…

This is the official last call for skydiving with us! If you are interested in skydiving, email Doug and let him know.  A date will be set and then we jump!

Despite both Bill and Tim having their wives elsewhere in the facility getting trained, you just cannot stop this blossoming bro-mance. Ha, ha! My disclaimer to all:  From 7-8am, enter at your own risk!

Last year we had a fantastic turnout with the first ever Sensible Fitness Skydive, and we are looking at doing it again.  Right now, we only need to know if you are adventurous (crazy) enough to join us.  Once we get a rough number of participants, we will set a date.  We need the weather…

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